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Glowth Goals. Glowth Lifestyle

January 10, 2019


"Hair Goals! Skin Goals! Drop that routine sis!"

       Whether you have been the one to comment this under someone's photo or even came across this type of comment, we have a question. Does your lifestyle match your goals? If not, you have some changes to make, and we are here to help! When we talk about our Glowth Lifestyle, we take into consideration all aspects that can possibly contribute to growing and glowing. Believe it or not, you can have the best skin/hair care products and still have problems with your Glowth because of unhealthy habits. 

Lets Get Started

        Eat Clean. We aren't here to preach that everyone must go vegan (although it is one of the best options), it is a huge commitment and some people just prefer not to. That is totally fine. We like to compare the body to a garden. You must plant your seeds, maintain your roots, water, and love every aspect in order for your garden to flourish. It is the same for your body, everything that you put inside, is a reflection of your Glowth. As within, So Without. We strongly recommend to keep up a clean diet. Some simple, easy things to do are cutting out fast food/processed foods and replacing with real, organic, whole foods. Cook more (try meal prepping if time is an issue), you will know exactly what you are putting inside your body. You should always make sure that you are getting all of your vitamins. Most importantly, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Remember there are many different types of foods that are water based, so you can eat your water too!


        Exercise. Increase your blood flow! This is the main reason why exercising is so important for your Glowth. When you are active, breaking a sweat helps to unclog your pores; which flushes out toxins. This provides cell repair and protection for your skin/ scalp. Inflammation is also reduced and hormones become more regulated. Exercising also reduces stress. Remember to stretch, stay consistent and you will always be growing and glowing.



     Rest. Now you don't want to overwork yourself and cause your body to produce stress hormones. Make sure that you have a regular sleep schedule (7-8 hours a night). Also, you need to have at least two rest days in your workout routine. Dedicate a day to "Self Care Days". The more you invest into yourself, the more results you will see.


     Stay Positive. Did you know that your words are your power? This is why having positive affirmations are so important. You can test this out with two roses or two jars of rice. Keep them in separate areas, speak only positive words to one and negativity to the other. The negative words will cause the subject to go bad way faster, it is the law of attraction. Imagine starting your day with positive words, this will help to keep that uplifting attitude throughout the day and your whole life. Treating your body the same, with positive affirmations, will help you build a strong relationship with yourself. Your Glowth will be effortless!

   There you have it, the KEYS to your GLOWTH! We look forward to seeing results. Remember, these changes aren't drastic, it'll only be difficult if you make it! Tag us on Instagram/ Twitter (@infiniteglowth) if this blog post has inspired you! 

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Glowth Goals. Glowth Lifestyle

January 10, 2019

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